We believe that informed debate is the key starting point for good policy. We have an active events programme, combining small roundtable discussions, larger panel-style debates, and public lectures. We aim to host at least six high-level events a year. In 2013, when we led Demos Finance, we hosted a number of innovative events, including a panel discussion with the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards, with former CBI director Richard Lambert and Which? Executive Director Richard Lloyd among the formal questioners.

We also hosted a debate on 'the Chicago Plan' for reforming bank deposits with former FSA chair Lord Turner, IMF economist Michael Kumhof, and commentator Anatole Kaletsky; and our roundtables included one on international bank resolution with Bank of England Deputy Governor Paul Tucker. 

Our annual lecture, rounding off 2013, was given by Ana Botin, then CEO of Santander UK, looking at the state and future of the financial services industry. The event was chaired by Lionel Barber, Financial Times editor, and hosted by Professor Stephen Schaefer, Dean of Faculty at the London Business School.

Since launching as The Finance Foundation in April 2014 we have hosted an event with McKinsey Global Institute - Winners and Losers from QE and ultra-low interest rates - at which Director Richard Dobbs presented new McKinsey research and Jonathan Portes, NIESR and economist George Magnus, gave responses.

We are now hosting a series of events with AIG Europe, which began on 22nd October 2014 with a debate with Oxford economists Nicholas Morris and David Vines, introducing their recently published book Capital Failure: Rebiulding Trust in Financial Services the culmination of the work of the Baliol Interdisciplinary Institute's Duty of Care in Finance Project. John Plender, FT commentator and Christine Farnish, consumer and regulatory expert, provided responses to the authors' challenge to identify new behaviours and implement appropriate new structures to re-ignite trust in the sector.

Following on from this our event on Entrepreneurship on 10th March 2015 discussed the themes in Director Andrew Freemen's research report Heroes or Zeros: What do we really know about entrepreneurs and what should governments do? Contributors included Simon Walker, Director General, Institute of Directors, FT Leader writer Giles Wilkes and Stephen Dury, Director of Market Development at Santander UK. We were also pleased to welcome Dr Alex Coad of the Science and Technology Policy Research Unit and Neeta Patel, CEO, New Entrepreneurs Foudnation, both of whom had advised on the original Finance Foundation research.

On 22nd April 2015 we hosted another AIG event, a debate with Martin Wolf and Adair Turner, attended by leading economists and policy makers - The Shifts and The Shocks -:Debating Macroeconomics. This looked at the underlying shifts in world economies that preceded the financial crash and the challenges ahead in building a sustainable new macroeonomic order. This was followed on 19th May 2015 by a debate with McKinsey Global Institute at which Richard Dobbs and Susan Lund presented their latest research Debt and (not much) Deleveraging which considers the continuing rise of debt and the risk it poses. They show that seven years after the global financial crisis began both government and household debt continues to grow and reach new peaks in the world, posing fresh risks to financial stability. George Magnus and Jonathan Portes providing the response.

Adair Turner and Martin Wolf returned on 4th Feburary 2016 for an event stimulated by Lord Turner's important new book Between Debt and the Devil: Money, Credit and Fixing Global Finance. This turned out to be a hard hitting challenge to politicians and policy makers from both commentators - a report of the evening's discussion is available here. This was the first of our 2016 thought leadership series, kindly supported by AIG. The next event in the series tackles the subject of Cyber risk: What is it and what can boards do about it? Speakers include Simon Ruffle, Director of Research and Innovation at the Centre for Risk Studies, Cambridge Judge Business School, Mark Carillo, AIG EMEA Head of Cyber and Andrew Freeman, Finance Foundation Director and founder member of McKinsey & Company's risk practice.