The Finance Foundation partnered with the University of Southampton to promote the findings of their three year project researching the history of financial advice, charting the history of personal financial advice literature as it has developed in Britain and the United States, ranging from the private letters and domestic advice manuals of the eighteenth century to the emergence of financial journalism and investment advice in the nineteenth century to the proliferation of popular financial novels, lifestyle guides and blogs in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

Professor Nicky Marsh, the project lead, led a seminar on May 2nd 2019, kindly hosted by the Chartered Insurance Institute at 21 Lombard Street. Academics, financial advisers and a range of other financial services professionals came together to debate both the history and the future of this important part of the financial services landscape, which was also reviewed by Merryn Somerset Webb for the Financial Times in January 2019.

Further insights on this fascinating topic can be found in this longer report here. Professor Marsh also picked out some key hightlights for a feature on the BBC website, available to read here.